Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Aug 7
Red- 16 - Blue 14  Gold 19 - White 7 ​ Game reports attached
​Please see 2018 News about automatic single

Defibrillator Instruction
CPR Video



Please see rule for Plays at first base below.

We do not have runners from home plate. If you are hurt and cannot run you can still show up to play. You can hit and if you reach the grass you have an automatic single. If you do not, you are out and you have to accept that.

Please do not put the managers in a position to have to refuse you a runner from home plate. The runner from home plate is only for a person injured during that game. Do not show up hurt and expect a runner from home.

Plays at 1st Base
Four players must be on the outfield grass (Outfielders) before a ball is hit.  If a ball reaches the grass portion of the outfield without being caught on the fly, the hit will be an automatic single.

Rovers may be positioned on the outfield or infield. Rovers who are in the outfield when the ball is pitched will be considered outfielders for this rule.
Outfielders cannot pick up an infield ground ball and throw the runner out at first base.