Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Gentlemen, the 2018 Rules and Teams have been added. See ya'll on May 1

Defibrillator Instruction
CPR Video

March 30, 2018 Update

The team meet and greet was held on Tuesday April 24th at 2 pm at the Pipes and Taps, 231 Oak Park Blvd Unit 101. Great seeing everyone who could be there.

The 2018 Rules have been attached for you to download. Please read the rules, and pay particular attention to the following:

Page 2: Replacement Player rules and installation and use of the pitching screens. See also the last paragraph on day at hand field encumbrances such as standing water.

Page 4: Read the singles rule. A ball that touches the grass in fair territory is a safe single. All batted balls will be played as normal with exception that if the ball reaches the grass the single is automatic. A ground ball picked up on the dirt must be thrown to first to put out the batter.

Outfielders must be on the grass portion of the field when the ball is hit but can run in to pick up a ball on the infield.
Please be sure to review the use of a defibrillator unit by accessing the Defibrillator Instructions above, and also see the CPR process. We will bring the units to the meet and greet in the spring so you can all have a first hand look at them.

If you know of people who are 67 or older who wish to be put on the spare list, have them file an application without payment.