Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

The summary for 2017 is now available. We now have our own defibrillators!
Dec. 29- See news item

Defibrillator Instruction
CPR Video

December 29 Update

We have purchased another defibrillator for OSSPL. We now have two units that will be kept in the OSSPL equipment boxes so there will no longer be a requirment to access the OMMSPL boxes this coming year.  The OMMSPL executive have purchased one more unit for the Thursday league, and they provided us with 1/2 the price of a unit in recognition of the one that Harvey purchased. We appreciate their offer, and note that Harvey is still helping us!!!

Please be sure to review the use of a unit by accessing the Defibrillator Instructions above, and also see the CPR process. We will bring the units to the meet and greet in the spring so you can all have a first hand look at them.

We will be searching for a supplier of pitching screens, and will also modify the OSSPL home plate since it does not quite meet the size we want. I have been told it is 5" wider than the OMMSPL plate. I will check the measurements in the spring.

As noted, we have a full league at this time with about 5 extra applicants. We will advise those on the waiting list as opportunities arise to play this coming year. If you have people who are 67 or older, they are welcomed to join us on the spare list. (File an application without payment.)