Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

March  31
Meet your team meeting is April 23 at 2PM. See ya'll there at the (Pipes and Taps.  See new Game Results page which will include "Runs" for and against, games played versus points After 5 weeks of play, each team will have played 6 games

2019 Schedule
CPR Video
Defibrillator Instruction


Updated rules and a 2019 schedule have been added. Please review prior to the start of the season.

Reminder: The OSSPL is a men’s slow-pitch league for players 69 years and older who want to continue to play for enjoyment at a competitive level consistent with our ages.  

-An evaluation day will be organized prior to the season for new players to help with player ratings, and to ensure that they can compete, given 
that there will be no runners from home, but auto-hit rule will remain. 

-The pitching rubber will not be used. The pitcher protection screen will be installed 50 feet from the front of home plate. Ball must be released at least 50 feet from the plate. Pitchers must retreat to a position behind the screen before the ball is hit but can move anywhere after batter contact with the ball.

-Start times will be critical and will be enforced by the Managers.

-Buffet cost may rise slightly. We are considering rules to limit each person to one plate of food until all teams have been fed. Also considering limit of 5 wings per person

-We will be looking to buy several new bats, new hats with Pipes and Taps on the side of the hats, and one new set of green sweaters will be ordered for the fifth team.

As always, the Exec reserves the right to change rules, team set ups etc for the benefit of the league at any time during the year.