Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

MAY 22
Game on. Bring a towel and change of clothes for bar...just in case. 

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  May 8, 2018

Team White 17
Team Gold 12
Missing four of their players, including an injured Rookie Manager Rick Wilcox, Golds were, again this week, “taken to the woodshed” by a hard-hitting White team that exploited an inconsistent Gold defense.
A 7-run bottom of the ninth rally by the Golds made the 17-12 score somewhat respectable but was not indicative of the play as Golds avoided a mercy over three innings for a second week.
While each Gold player managed at least one hit, Max Crocker and Bill Maver lead the offence with 4 hits each.
After the game, Manager Wilcox was surprisingly nonplussed by the insubstantial offence and inconsistent defense, claiming to all who would listen that his plan of not wanting to peak too early is working perfectly.

Team White continued to maintain their equalibrium and came out on the positive side of a 17  to  12  score.

Hitting, surprisingly was balanced throughout the lineup. That meant that some at the bottom of the lineup as well as those at the top and middle got hits.
Bob Ellison ; Marco Gastis ; and  Don Moseley-Williams led the hitting parade going three for five. 10 other team mates went two for four in the hitting column

At the end of the game, like the Blue Jays and the Mariners last night, the recognition belonged to the defense. Spectacular catches made by Jim Fenner , Peter Bowers , and Jim Barton permitted the "Whites" to remain undefeated.

The pitching of Berry and Carey managed to keep the opposing team, "Gold", in check most of the 9 innings. But, to recap the game in a few words, Fenner's catch in left field sealed the deal for the visiting "Whites".

A fun time was had by the Team Whites both on the field and back at the BAR
Team Red 20
Team Blue 6

Let’s hope game two of the OSSPL season is not a harbinger of the season for Team Blue as they were literally steamrolled by Team Red 20 to 6. The first two innings showed some promise as Team Blue held Team Red to just 2 runs. Then the floodgates opened and the Reds out scored the Blues in every inning ultimately invoking the mercy rule after 8.
Only Dick Wood, Grant Chapman and Larry Stacey were able to solve the masterful pitching of Glen Marshall going two for three. Wood also scored two of the Blues six runs.
On paper Team Blue looked like a solid contender for the league championship. That promise may be fading in the rear view mirror after their second loss in a row. Fans of Team Blue believe the talent is there, which raises questions about who is responsible for the slow start.  Will Manager Langdon, whose contract already runs on a week-to-week basis, still be around after the May 2-4 weekend?

For Team Red, once again John Trigiani set the stage leading off, with 3 hits in 4 at bats. Al Stokes, Jim Craig, Don Kerr and Awadh had perfect days hitting 3 for 3.

Good fielding and good hitting resulted in the 20-6 score over the struggling Team Blue. 





White 17 - Gold 12
Red 20 - Blue 6

May 1
Red 21- Gold 8
White 15 - Blue 14


Team White             4
Team Red                 4
Team Blue                0
​Team Gold                0