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Sept. 11
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Game Report September 4, 2018
Team Blue 12
Team Red 9
On any give day a team that finishes last (no we finished fourth) can knock off a much stronger team that ended higher in the standings. That was the message Manager Langdon delivered to Team Blue as part of his inspirational pre-game message. 
In a “no response” to his historical meanderings, Team Blue would put up zero runs in the first inning while the powerful Red machine would “5-RUN” the Blues. Manager Langdon then was observed looking at the pub’s menu on his cell phone in anticipation of an early lunch. But the Blues were not done. Ignoring their manager’s culinary research, the defense stiffened (unusual at this age) and, simultaneously, the sputtering offense of the Blues came to life. After 5 the Blues were ahead 7 to 6 and never looked back.
The rotation of Romeo “shutdown” Larocque and Brian Sheridan kept the powerful Red’s bats under control while the Blues infield of Steve Vitella, Grant Chapman, Alan Rouse, Dick Wood, Trevor Houston, Tom Locke and Brian Sheridan made one outstanding play after another. Of particular-note was a play made by Grant on a ball heading for his face. He got an arm up on it and saved his nose from permanently breathing heavily into his ear.
Outfielders Barny Henderson, Tom Sawa, Larry Stacey and Aarne Kartna caught almost everything that was airborne.
The Blues offense was led by Aarne Kartna (4 for 4), and Brian Sheridan, Trevor Houston, Grant Chapman and Tom Locke each going 3 for 4.   
After the game, on the advise of his lawyers Dewey, Screwem and Howe, Langdon withdrew his earlier threat to resign if the Blues did not score 20 runs. Apparently, there was a “b” section to his promise that he did not divulge that said the resignation was null and void if the Blues won regardless of the number of runs scored.

The team is now lawyering up and rumor has it that they have engaged the infamous Tappet brothers – Click and Clack, to ensure all promises are transparent and enforced.

The Blues Dogged Determination!

Despite finishing well on top of the league this year, the Reds went down to a humbling defeat on another, hot and sunny Tuesday morning. The Reds went into this semi-final match-up feeling very good about their season, knowing that any team who might beat them on the way to the league championship, would have to be firing on all cylinders. The Reds came out strong in the bottom of the first taking a 5-0 lead. Ray Grisold, as usual, led the charge. Ray, along with Bob Irvine batted 3 for 3 for the day.
The Blues however, were not going to be denied on this day. With timely hitting, outstanding defence and superb base running, the Blues chipped away at the Red's lead. The game was close for 6 innings. The Blues were leading 7-6, heading into the top of the 7th when they unleashed their power. They hammered a 5 run barrage, taking a 12- 6 lead. The Reds battled back in the bottom of the inning, with 3 of their own, to make the score 12-9. The Blues defence closed the door on the Reds for the next 2 innings and the game ended 12-9. Today, no doubt, the Blues were firing on all cylinders. In the end most of the Reds were left licking their wounds and contemplating next year. But for one, the dog-fight did not end on the field.
Perhaps still reeling about the Blues epic 7th inning, Laurence Drew was not happy about seeing a couple of leashed, small dogs, being harassed by a free wheeling, loose, bigger dog. Laurence sought out the big dog owner. He was on a mission and was not phased by the fact that the owner was an attractive young lady.
Normally, Laurence would have used this as an opportunity to introduce the lady to the OSSPL and as great ambassador of the league, investigate whether she had a father good enough to make next year’s roster. However, he was in no mood for niceties and he demanded she put her dog on a leash. She must have been wearing a blue sweater because she would not yield. Before long the two were in a verbal crusade about dog rights. Unfortunately, this was the second battle Laurence would loose in the morning. Triumphantly, after giving Laurence a piece of her mind, the woman walked away without leashing her dog.  Laurence once again was frustrated in defeat.

Let the records show….On the morning of September 4th, 2018, both the Blues and the lady…..LET THEIR DOGS OUT!

Team White: 10 
Team Gold: 4

The semi-final game is now history with Team White winning over Team Gold in a very well played in 85 minute game on the West diamond at Glenashton Park.
The morning was picture perfect and 29 players gave their best in the second to last game of the 2018 season in the 70+ Oakville Senior Slow Pitch League.

Defense on both sides of the ball proved that everyone was prepared to look forward to a great year in 2019.

Pitching proved to be superb with Hal Ridley and Rick Bradley throwing for Team Gold and Ron Berry and Jim Carey chucking for the eventual winners.

Team White benefited from a very strong defense turning numerous double plays to keep the score in single digits.

 When called upon the outfielders were an equal match for their infield brothers.
Hitting was spread throughout the lineup with Dave Robertson leading the way with a perfect day at the plate. Timely well-placed hits were provided by Larry Pearson, Peter Bowers and Jim Fenner.

Next Tuesday, weather permitting, Team White will take on Team Blue in the "Championship Game", playing for the Harvey Hewgill Memorial Trophy.

On a sombre note, to-day, September 4th, marked the first anniversary of the death of Harvey Hewgill. Harvey will always be a LEGEND in the minds of senior ball players in the Oakville / Mississauga area. Those who still are able to play will never forget him.

As the Golds looked forward to extending their 4 game winning streak against Team White, thereby catapulting Gold into next week’s Championship game, alas, it ended up being a lopsided game, and the run (to quote T.S.Eliot)  “ended not with a bang but with a whimper”.
After scoring 57 runs through the past 4 games, Gold bats came up colder than a witch's titty in a brass bra in spite of the hot weather.  A full 15 man squad combined with anemic hitting meant half the team got to the plate only twice.
Managing a mere 4 hits and consecutive 3-up 3-down innings Golds were down 8 – 0 to the Whites as the fifth rolled around.  In that inning, the middle of the Gold order took their hitting shoes out of mothballs and produced 3 runs led by extra base RBI’s from Bert Therrien and Ray Hipolito, closing the gap to 8 -3  - igniting visions of another comeback.  However, in spite of solid pitching and improved defence, the hitting barrage could not be sustained, managing only a single run in the last 4 innings of the game, leading to the earliest arrival of the season at the pub.
The team unanimously blamed Manager Wilcox, who reportedly boycotted the church after weekly visits which evidently led to the Gold winning streak.  He called their suggestion to contribute to the collection plate after his frequent visits “extortion”, and also, he wanted no part of “taking a knee” which meant dissing the flag and being anti American.
Congratulations and full credit to the White team who pitched and defended well, took advantage of Gold’s miscues, and hit when they had to with men on base.









Team Red                21
Team White             17
Team Gold                14
​Team Blue               12
July 24
Red 8 - White 8
​Blue 20 - Gold 14

July 31
White 18 - Blue 13
 Gold 14 - Red 7 

August 7
Gold 19 - White 7
​Red 16 - Blue 14

August 14
Red 13 - White 8
​Gold 14 - Blue 12

August 28
Gold 10 - Blue 8
​White lots-Red less

June 12
Blue 14 - Red 13
​White 20 - Gold 11

June 5
White 13 - Red 11
Blue 23 -Gold 21

May 29
Gold 20 - White 17
Red 16 - Blue 4

May 22
Blue 13 - Gold 11
Red 16 - White 4 

White 17 - Gold 12
Red 20 - Blue 6

May 1
Red 21- Gold 8
White 15 - Blue 14

June 19
White 15 - Blue 14
Red 15 - Gold 14

June 26
Gold 18 - White 9
Red 18 - Blue 11

July 3
Gold 22 - Blue 12
Red 17 - White 13

July 10
Blue 15 - White 14
Red 23 - Gold 14

July 17
Blue 6 - Red 3
​White 20 - Gold 8