Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Team Reports and scores from the June 11 games have been added.
Please look here for GAME CANCELLATIONS or comments if the games are being played under weather that is somewhat undesireable. Otherwise, there will be no note if games are on. If you are not sure, call your manager.

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Game 1
The Golds played the greens for the second time in two weeks. After a tight game last week, Bob Falconi the rookie manager decide to throw a new look at the Greens by starting Laurence Drew as the pitcher. The strategy seemed to work in the beginning as he held the Greens to 2 runs in the first two innings. Drew was looking sharp with the Golds holding a lead going into the top of the fourth. Then the roof caved in as Drew couldn’t find the plate and a couple of runs walked in culminating in a 5-run inning for the Greens.

To redeem himself Drew led the scrappy Golds back to within striking distance with a powerful 4 for 4 hitting display.

There were some excellent defensive plays by both teams and some quirky plays as well. Rookie Ernie Campe left half of his chin on the ground making a spectacular diving catch.....for a routine grounder!

The Greens, as in the previous week prevailed with a hard fought victory. They, once again displayed timely hitting sharp defence to lead them to the top of the league. The Golds once again left to lick their wounds. The rivalry continues!

Gold 7 - Green 9
 Three-peat for team GREEN
The opening game of a double header for GOLD vs GREEN was played under sunny skies on a cool and breezy morning.

It was the second time these two powerhouses have squared off in as many weeks and the second time GREEN has hung on to defeat the home team.

A tight defense and timely hitting were key elements in the win. GREEN scored in only 3 of 9 innings with Steve Fraczkowski, Max Crocker and Bob Irvine going 3 for 4 at the plate. While Rick Bradley, Bill Swanton and Ron Nayduk were selective at the plate and took walks to eventually score.

Romeo Larocque pitched a complete game.


Game 2
The Golds, taking a page out of the Raptors book, started slowly against the Blues, but finished strong.

The Blues took a 5-run lead in the top of the first leaving the Golds with another big hole to dig out of.

The Golden boys came through again, led by some power hitting by Drew going  4 for 5,  
supported by Hando Told with 3 hits, Barney Henderson with 3 and Marco Gastis with 3.

Bill Maver not only captained the defence playing superb Rover position but also went 5 for 5 at the plate.

Vic Leonard, Bill Boisvenue and Tom Erwin all chipped in with 2 hits each.

Rookie John Cottrell moved to the infield and played solid second base throughout the game. He is clearly finding his youthful form and is getting back in solid baseball shape after a few years lay off.

Ron Berry delivered yeoman performance pitching a total of 14 and a half innings over two games. He was an ace.

A very special Thanx to Rolf Bjordammen who went through knee surgery a few weeks ago. Rolf is part of the Gold team who we hope to have on the field at some point this summer, However Rolf comes out and diligently score keeps for both teams each game. Finally, the teams know the score after each inning without any argument! What a great guy! We all appreciate seeing you and keeping us organized. Speedy recovery my friend!      

Gold 17-Blue 10
Hoping to catch the Golds breathing heavy after losing a close first game against the Greens, the Blues opened with 5 runs in the first inning. What looked like a tired Team Gold could only answer with 2. Things began to heat up in the third, when the Blues scored another 4 runs. However, the suddenly rejuvenated Golds would post 3. The score was now Blues 9 and the Golds 5 and any thoughts of an early lunch began to fade.
In the fifth, the Golds bats would ignite. They would add 4 while the flagging Team Blue would only produce 1 in the sixth but still enough to cling to a slim one run lead. In the seventh the Golds would add 3 more runs making the score 12 -10 for the Golds after seven.
With the game still in reach, manager Langdon made a few defensive changes in the eighth that he hoped would stem the Gold rush. These were spectacularly unsuccessful as the Golds responded with 5 more runs. Final score Golds 17 – Blues 10.
When Langdon was questioned afterward why he made the defensive changes, his only response was defensive and certainly memorable saying only that “he was not the suppository of all baseball strategies” and “if other teams can put a hurt on us we can as well”.
Defensively the Blues were strengthened by the return of veteran Ray Grisold from the IR and Charlie Withnell from the sick bay.
Offensively, going three for four were Al Stokes, rookie Ted Wierda, Glenn Marshall and Bill Langdon. The unstoppable Charlie Withnell was 2 for 3.

 The game started like it was going to be a slugfest with both teams posting 5 runs in the first.
Then we all settled into a more normal game. 
Leading the way for the Reds were Vince Cicero and Ray Hipolito each going 3 for 4. Ray also dispelled an old myth that man can not sleep while standing up. 
Larry Stacey was 2 for 2 with a walk and emergency call up Aarne Kartna was flawless in the field and 2 for 3 at the plate. Pitching by Rick Wilkinson and Jim Carey was up to their usual standards.
All in all, a great team effort.
Red 16 - White 15
Whites scored more runs in the game than the last 2 games combined but alas, lost by 1 run (again). Ev had a perfect day at the plate going 5 for 5 and his last hit got the Whites to within 1 run
Honorable mention to Bert (4 for 5) and Bob (3 for 4)