Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Sept. 19
I hope you all have a great winter and come back ready to play again next year. It has been great working with Larry, Laurence and Ron on the Executive these past years, and I am looking forward to playing next year, and also welcome and thank Bob Falconi who will replace me on the Executive. I will continue supporting the web site.
Please see a few attached notes under the News and Views item, and tune in again in November for any updates we have concerning 2020 following the Executive Management closing meeting.

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Defibrillator Instruction
2019 Schedule
I hope everyone enjoyed playing this year in spite of the few odd controversies we may have had.

Congratulations again to the Green (Machine) and the White (Knights) for their wins. However, we should always remember, the results really matter very little, the fact that is important is that we played the games.

The Exec will continue to strive to keep our league at an age appropriate competive level, and will ensure that there will be an even number of teams next year. (Likely 4 or 6). Remember that the league belongs to all of us, so if you have any suggestions, I encourage you to drop a note to your manager from this year with your ideas so that they can bring them to the closing meeting for discussion. 

At this time, the intent is to keep the minimum age at 69, with anyone 67 or older allowed on our spare list. This year we had to use a couple of underage players (kids) to fill in for missing players as our spare list was depleted, and we thank them for helping out.

Get your applications in soon, and as I said, keep an eye out for updates on the site.

I will try to add more photos to the site next year. Any other suggestions for the site will be received with gratitude.

    Jim Carey Trophy Winners -Team Green
Jim Fenner- Manager

Harvey Hewgill Trophy Winners -Team White
Doug Wingrove- Manager



Guess what: You can listen to great Jazz at JAZZ FM 91.1 on Sunday Sept. 22 at 10 PM with our own Rolf Bjordammen

Rolf and budies at 
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