Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

July 20
Reports, scores and standings updated. 

With most players finding the double header games a little tiring. Ron Naduk suggested that the visiting teams set up the field and put away the bases at games end. Saving the teams playing two games a small but appreciated amount of effort. Please remember if you are playing a single game on the west diamond you will set up  (1st game team) and remove the bases (2nd game team).

2019 Schedule
CPR Video
Defibrillator Instruction
Manager Meeting
June 25

Double header games on west diamond June 25 sets standard for rest of the year!
-Games will start at 9:30 
-Games will be 7 innings
-Batters will start with a 1 Ball, 1 Strike count
-12 Run mercy after 5 innings
-Flip flop rule used in 7th inning (Losing team bats first).
-Game 1: No inning will start after 10:45
-Game 2: No inning to start after 12:15
-Minimize warm up pitches max 4
-No infield practice balls between innings

Other rules were discussed and it was decided that there will be no other rule changes this year.

Managers will be polling their teams to determine player intentions for next year.

I will update the league rules that have changed, and post a new version next week.