Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Team Reports and scores from the June 11 games have been added.
Please look here for GAME CANCELLATIONS or comments if the games are being played under weather that is somewhat undesireable. Otherwise, there will be no note if games are on. If you are not sure, call your manager.

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At the suggestion of Ron Berry, we played the second game of the double header under the following conditions:
1. Batters started with a 1 ball, 1 strike count
2. The batting team "batted" for 2 continuous innings.
3. The game was 9 innings 

The approach allowed the game to be completed in a shorter period of time than the regular 7 inning game, and players got more hitting/fielding time rather than "walking to position" time, or always having a batter wait to see one strike before swinging "time". 
We intend to apply the same rules to the next double header games to have a better assessment of the value of using this type of approach. One down side is that the managers on the West Diamond will have to plan their game assignments with the double inning in mind to avoid confusion or delays during the game.

There are a couple of other things that the Managers can do to help to get rid of "waste" time during the game:
1. Assign home plate umpiring and base umpiring to at least 2 people for each, prior to the game so they know they are responsible and can take their positions without a search for the "umpire" each inning.

2. Assign players to coaching positions at 3rd base and 1st base in the same manner. (Third base coach should be good at what they do, as a bad third base coach can cost you runs)

3. Make sure your pitchers are aware that they must be behind the safety screen when the ball is hit. Failure to do so will result in a delay of the game as people argue the point. We do not want a delay, and we definately do not want an injury. Pitchers that do not want to follow this rule should not be pitching.

Lets enjoy the game, but lets at least look like we know what we are doing as best we can.

I will put scores and reports when I get them, and will load up some really nice pictures of the Executives and Managers.